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We know these are trying times for many people. We all likely know someone who needs the extra help that is being made available. In an effort to help you and to help your friends and families here in Colorado, below is a list of links to different programs and services for people affected by the virus, and the unprecedented closings and disruptions related to it.

Here is the one stop place to apply for any benefits someone is eligible for through the State of Colorado:

Here is information on places that can offer food assistance to allow everyone to stretch their financial resources as far as possible.

Here is updated information on applying for Unemployment benefits if necessary:

Here is additional information on programs available through the State of Colorado:

There is also an opportunity to apply for lost cost or free health insurance here:

Here is a list of businesses in Colorado that are open and working during these times:

Here is the latest information on the money the federal government will be sending out soon:

For those with small businesses, here are some resources to see if your business is eligible for the loans and grants currently being extended:

Finally, one of the financial planners that has helped our clients in the past is assisting small business owners in applying for the assistance they may qualify for:

We hope this information can be of assistance to you or someone you know. Please feel free to pass it on. If we hear of any additional programs or news that would be of assistance, we will do our best to update this information. We hope you all are safe and healthy.


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