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Should I talk to the other side's insurance company?

If you have been injured, whether in a vehicle collision, a dog attack, a fall, or any other injury where someone else may be at fault, that person's insurance company will likely be trying to get in touch with you as quickly as possible. I spent several years working on behalf of some of the larger insurance companies, and I am familiar with their tactics. As early as possible, the insurance company for the other side will want to talk to you, preferably before you can find an attorney to advise you of your rights. The insurance companies will almost always try to get a recorded statement from you as soon as possible after the injury.

In Colorado, if you have sought medical treatment, the insurance company is limited in its ability to record you, but that rarely ever stops them. This is because the insurance companies know that most people don't have an attorney early on to help them. It is in the insurance company's best interest to talk to you early when you are hurt, confused and dealing with unexpected bills and consequences of your injuries. The insurance company uses these early statements to try and minimize your injuries and obtain a version of how the injury happened that puts their insured in the best light. While insurance company commercials emphasize that they are there to help, insurance companies only care about their bottom line. The insurance companies handle tens of thousands of claims. They know how the system works and are committed to using that system to minimize the amount of money they have to pay to anyone. Everything the insurance companies do in the time right after you are injured is intended to tilt the playing field in their favor as much as possible. Don't play into their hands. If you have been injured, contact the Dible Law Firm for a free consultation. It's in your best interest to know your rights and protect yourself BEFORE you speak to an insurance company.

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